Is Beauty Objective Or Subjective?

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Lombax | 17:11 Fri 22nd Jan 2021 | Science
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Do you think a person can have such an appearance that is liked by everybody?Or that a beautiful look is always a matter of opinion and taste?


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Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
I believe that there is scientific evidence that men find most attractive those women who have a certain ratio of waist to hip size. Generous hips and slender waist seems to be universally favoured. There are many other factors to take into account; skin colour, intelligence, personality, demure or lascivious expression... I doubt if any woman would be found attractive by every man on the planet.
subjective, but as Atheist says, there do seem to be criteria that are widely appled even if nobody realises they exist.

Skin colour, Atheist?
Roy; yes, skin colour; why not? I personally find 'white' skin rather pallid and unattractive (especially when it tends towards the 'gammon' tone) and I wish my skin had a bit more colour. I find very black skin and very white skin less attractive to me sexually than a lovely coffee colour.
I see, you judge people by the colour of their skin.

Just checking.
^ Yes, and he only seems to think the question applies to what men find attractive in women. It does work the other way around just in case nobody has noticed.
it's not for Atheist to comment on what women want, 237SJ. That only got Freud into trouble.
237; I think I am saying what I find sexually attractive, not necessarily the same as all men do. And, Roy, I don't judge women by the colour of their skin; not judge them in the sense of regarding some as inferior to me.
And I certainly don't claim to understand what women find attractive. That's their business.
Beauty is definitely a matter of opinion and taste.
//Or that a beautiful look is always a matter of opinion and taste//
How can it be otherwise?
That is totally stupid. I know it’s hard but people need to accept the way they look. It doesn’t matter because it’s not ok to judge someone off their appearance. All that matters is your personality and your looks shouldn’t ever matter.
If beauty was objective then every man would agree with Sir Mixalot:

I think it was Freud who put it succinctly
(I could be has been known)

That when we meet someone for the first time, we ask ourselves (subconciously) 3 questions

1) Is this person my friend?
2) is this person my enemy?
3) Could I sh* g this person?

Jayme... I think it is a fact that some people find other people attractive, sometimes because of their physical appearance, other times because of their character, usually because of a combination of the two. One can meet someone who doesn't knock you out by their physical sexiness, but who then becomes amazingly attractive because of what they are. I don't think you can dismiss physical attraction, but it is definitely not the only factor. Obviously, I have to rely on my sheer intellect and personality, not my looks :-))
How long you been single?
//All that matters is your personality and your looks shouldn’t ever matter//

If its little more than a friendship then yes.
If you require a sexual relationship then a bit more may be required.
Like not been fat or unhealthy.
Or dirty, or lying there like a plank. talking to me? I've been married since 1975. I was lucky, because David Bowie was heavily into my wife to be.
OK, Ive left it an hour, I'll bite...
//I was lucky, because David Bowie was heavily into my wife to be//
How so?

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Is Beauty Objective Or Subjective?

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