If I Had 2 Masses Of Equivelent Density But 1 Is Hotter What Would Happen? Would It Convect?

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neo_n | 18:51 Thu 21st Jan 2021 | Science
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in a confined space, say a ball,if i had 2 masses of equivalent density but 1 is hotter what would happen? would it convect even though the density is the same, or will the energy disperse through all of it?


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I think the question is meaningless as it stands. When you say 'would it convect' what do you think might convect, the ball? Do you know what convection is?
Maybe you have over-simplified the question you have been asked.
Convection can only occur within liquids and gasses. If your theoretical ball is made up of two solid masses (which are in contact with each other) then heat will flow from the hotter surface to the cooler one by CONDUCTION (not convection) until they are both at the same temperature.
My mum has a convection heater and that’s not a liquid or a gas.
The heat reaches your mum's body through convection within the air, Zacs, as opposed to (say) a traditional electric fire with glowing bars, where heat is dispersed to nearby surfaces through radiation.
When it cools it's a spent convection, Priti told me.
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i know what conduction and convection is, and i'm not talking about the container for the 2 substances i'm talking about the 2 substances themselves. under normal circumstances less dense, normally hotter substances would spred out making it a less dense volume, witch would cause convection if the other substances are the same(from the original) but not heated. However unlike in nature, my question in in a confined space and both have an equivalent density and the same substance at the start. in my question i already compensated more density for the extra heat, would the molecules just spred out evenly and disperse there energy(via conduction) throughout the rest of the area. or what would happen. also the reason why i sead a ball is because i wanted as an equivalent stage as possible, the shape mostly doesn't mater as long as 1 halve is mirrored onto the other.
neo; I think you're not explaining yourself very well. Is English your first language?
Convection in fluids (gases or liquids) occurs because of a difference in densities. The temperature doesn't matter.
For example, a balloon full of cold helium will rise in a room full of hot air because the helium is less dense than the air.

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If I Had 2 Masses Of Equivelent Density But 1 Is Hotter What Would Happen? Would It Convect?

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