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ToraToraTora | 12:33 Tue 20th Oct 2020 | Science
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Using geometry to explain why we can't exceed c, very neat way of doing it BTW but the conclusion is that we are all travelling at c through spacetime. So that explains why c is the same for us all regardless and it is time that is in effect adjusted relative to c. I get that but I struggle with the concept that we all are basically going at the same speed trough spacetime but not through space and time, hope that makes sense.


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Seen, will look at properly later.
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If you were still in space (how do you know that ?) then you are speeding through time at light speed. But is that subject to the uncertainty ?
Conversely then, were you to attain the speed of light through space, time goes to zero (stops) for you.
The problem I feel is that AnswerBank is limited in its ability to explain this because it still doesn't support mathematical notation. If you're prepared to wait, I can prepare a file that included some key equations, written clearly, that may (or may not) help to clarify the points I'd make.

For the impatient, though ( :P )...

A lot of the problem with understanding Relativity probably comes down to the fact that most people don't really understand how motion works normally. I mean, intuitively they do, of course, but that's not really the same thing. Putting intuition down into concrete mathematics helps us to explore that intuition and understand its consequences better.

Another point is that our understanding of physics often relies on asking the question "what never changes no matter what I do?". Hunting for things that can be reliably constant is a huge driver of modern physic, but at High School it feels like almost a footnote. People come across the "Law of Conservation of Energy" (or momentum), but it feels like it isn't really explored. Which is a shame, because it's huge in its implications -- it turns out that there is a direct consequence of that statement that can force any theory to have a certain form.

I'm wondering off-topic, and anyway I have to hop out again for a few minutes. But part of my answer below will be trying to expand on this point: for all that Special Relativity is about how times and lengths change, it really *is* true that the heart of the theory is about what doesn't change, and why that might be.
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ok cheers for the effort, I'm happy with the equations.
Remind me again in a week if you've heard nothing by then.
can you make the equations - - general and not special
by which I mean generally available and not specially for him
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