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kbowe | 17:32 Wed 09th Sep 2020 | Science
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Three cars are tested in a 16 m/s frontal crash. The results of the crash tests are shown below, with data indicating how much the crumple zone and safety cell of each car deformed. In each car the dummy was secured by the same seat belt and airbag. Which car did the best job of protecting the dummy?


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in the absence of any names of the cars, and in fact any data at all, I'm not sure I can answer that one ...
You have failed to show results of the crash tests.
Perhaps we should have a Homework section!
How will you learn and make progress if someone else does the work for you ?
Obviously a test question you have been given to answer.

Consequently, I don't think you should look for suckers in Answerbank to be concerned about your dummies.

This question's answer is not possible as I think you have missed attaching the car's data and names. So, please attach the data and car names so that we can answer the question.

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Crumple Zone

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