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bags269 | 13:05 Mon 07th Sep 2020 | Science
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anyone as a child had gas at the dentist and what happened


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yes a few times. I went to sleep and woke up after the extraction had happened...I don't remember anything else except my Mum stayed with me while I was given the gas and she was there when I woke up. Why do you ask?
Yes, several times. I once struggled to pull the mask off and ended up getting too much gas, and had nightmares about if for years. On other occasions it was fine at the time- I used to go off within seconds-but I always used to struggle to wake up and remember being shaken and made to stand up when I wanted to curl up and sleep.
Yes, I did, once, it was awful.
I fought having the black rubber mask held over my mouth and nose as the gas was turned on and made me feel as if I couldn’t breath. The dentist and nurse held me down and clamped the mask on me as I struggled and screamed, I must have been about nine.
Obviously it worked and knocked me out so the tooth could be extracted, and I came round.
The dentist was very cross with me and shouted at me for upsetting the other patients who could hear me in the waiting room, as could my mum.
I was terrified, my mum was angry with the dentist for the way he behaved and gave him a piece of her mind, and we changed dentists.
To this day I can still smell the horrible rubbery mask and the gas.
The thing I remember most about gas at the dentist is the smell of the rubber mask!
Yes, several times. Mostly uneventful but once I dreamt that the dentist was bent over me and I was punching and kicking to prevent him hurting me. When I came round, nothing had happened.
I remember my first time under gas at the dentists when i dreamt i could hear the song 'Come Outside', though it sounded as if it were being sung down a metal tube. When i came to, i was quite unsteady on my feet and my aunt said, "That's what it feels like when you're drunk." I promised there and then never to get drunk. I kept that promise until i was 14 :-)
///I fought having the black rubber mask held over my mouth and nose as the gas was turned on and made me feel as if I couldn’t breath. //

^^ Me too, but I had a rubber apron on and wore a rubber cap well. The smell of the rubber was terrible and still lingers. As I have said before Dentists years ago should have been called Butchers. They were cruel
I went to sleep, and this chap with a white coat nicked a tooth.

Yeah, the rubber smell, and the realisation that you aren't getting enough air, is not pleasant but is short lived.
Yes,was sick.
Anyone who had gas as a child has dual memories of the smell of gas, and the smell of the rubber mask.

My dentist was quite kind, he would hold the mask near my mouth and let the has blow in until I was drowsy, and then clamp it on as I lost consciousness - but as advised, the memory of the smells never leaves you.
that's how I remember it too. No fighting or clamping down...and I would have remembered that. In my childhood there was an influx of dentists from Australia and they were (at least the ones who treated me) butchers.
Only once to have 6 "baby" teeth removed as new ones were coming through. Remember being very sick and mum keeping me off school for the rest of the day.
I remember it well, but only the lovely woozy feeling as I came round and talking nonsense and suddenly realising I was back home, but not remembering how I got there! I think I'd rather have gas now, than the dreaded needle!
Dentists still use gas.
>>> Dentists still use gas

No they don't.

Dentists have been prohibited from administering general anaesthesia since January 2002. If a general anaesthetic is deemed to be necessary for a dental procedure, it has to be administered by a specialist anaesthetist in a hospital setting and is more likely to be given by injection than by using any type of gas.

Between 1996 and 1999 five children and three adults died as a result of being given general anaesthesia by dentists, which resulted in the Chief Medical Officer banning the procedure.
My dental practice offers gas, who administers it I don’t know as I am okay with any type of dental treatment
anaesthetic gas or gas and air gas?
one errant anaesthetist was this one

John Evans Appiah.

and here is another one
Holt died in 1979, after a Harley Street doctor, Dr. Gordon Kells, administered a lethal and massive overdose of anesthetic whilst attempting to remove a verruca on his big toe. The overdose stopped his heart and was hit by pneumonia, however the doctor was cleared by the jury at the Old Bailey in July 1981. Kells died in 1997 from a heart attack. Holt's sister Pat Melbourne featured in the 1997 Channel 4 documentary The Krays: Lords of the Underworld in which she spoke about her brothers death.

Holt was part of the followers of the Kray twins - clearly the one who like young men

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