Why Did They Put The Same Amount Of Water In Each Beaker?

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JRGamerPlayz | 11:46 Fri 03rd Jul 2020 | Science
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Emma and Phillip wanted to see if changing the temperature of the water affected the time taken for a cold cure powder to dissolve in water.
Why did they put the same amount of water in each beaker?


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to limit the number of variables?
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Because they filled both beakers.
It was so that the only difference between the two samples was the temperature.

If the volumes of water were different, that would have a separate effect on the results and it would not be possible to determine only the effect of the temperatures.
So one beaker contained, let's say, 200ml of cold water, the other contained the same amount but the water was slightly warmer. Sounds about right if they were only testing whether the solution dissolved quicker or slower in different temperatures.
doesn't calling something a 'cold cure' contravene the trades description act?
Oh, it must have been that they had no common sense then.
They put the same amount of water because they want to check the time the powder will take to get dissolved due to a change in temperature.
Indeed. TheCorbyloon had summed it up perfectly.
when you do a ( good experiment ) then you have a few things that will vary the answer - volume and temperature
and a few things that probably wont - the colour of the beaker ( and what they are made of ..... but that is moot ) and where the water comes from - tap or a bottle

and so you limit the variation of the things that you think wilkl make a difference - that is the volume of water as mots of water will promote soiution / dissolution

thigns is; - - - this would have been in the lesson you had on speed of reactions ( here solution of a salt )

oh and whilst you are at it
the solution - did you try it in the real world?
did the solution beaker warm up and why ?

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Why Did They Put The Same Amount Of Water In Each Beaker?

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