Is There A Psychopath Gene?

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flobadob | 08:53 Tue 23rd Jun 2020 | Science
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The word psychopath gets bandied about a lot and based on the clinical diagnosis then a lot of somewhat normal people actually fall into the bracket of being a psychopath.

But on the upper end of the scale I suppose we use the word to describe a person who kills for sport or thrill and feels little or no remorse for this action.

Has there ever been any study into whether or not there could be a psychopath gene, perhaps a regressive gene from our caveman days when it could have been a kill or be killed situation on a daily basis and when there was obviously much less accountability for one's actions, such as today?

We think of ourselves today as the highest life form on the planet and try to adhere to a set of values, ethics, morals etc which involve sometimes going against our animal instincts.

Perhaps the gene that has evolved to let us act in a certain way, which may be to our detriment, for the greater good, isn't as evolved in psychopaths, thereby letting them fulfill their own needs as and when required, regardless of outcome.


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I suspect a combination. One doesn't seem to become one from the evironment, however a psychopath's experiences can seem to trigger the state where such an individual becomes antisocial.
If there is I suspect I may have inherited it.
Although I do my best to suppress it,
A lot of studies suggest there is, but how it evolves in you is down to your environment.
I don't think there is a definitive answer to this question.

I am sure it is a combination of nature and nurture, and it is very complex and difficult to find patterns that can apply across the board.
I think in most cases there's been shown to be a definite nurture element if not complete cause. Children that are treated cruelly at a very young age don't seem to develop empathy in the same way as others - although that's obviously not true in every case. Answerbank's not really the right place to ask. Seek out writings from proper experts for better information.

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Is There A Psychopath Gene?

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