Solstice Times Throughout The Uk Today

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bond | 17:38 Sat 20th Jun 2020 | Science
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Can anyone provide a link to a site that shows solstice times today throughout the uk? It will vary by a few minutes depending if you are north/south etc. Thanks.


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There is no such thing as solstice time.

This site will give you sunset times. Seems to have defaulted to Newcastle.
The time of the summer solstice in the Northern hemisphere is independent of latitude, so it will be the same throughout the UK. It's only the duration of sunsets and sunrises around that varies by latitude at solstices.

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Thanks, I already saw that website, but I can't see a specific time for the solstice time. I'm sure it's possible somewhere to see the exact solstice time. In London I think it was approx 4.43 pm according to some news website. Just trying to find out how earlier/later it is in other parts of the UK. Thanks.
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Ok, just trying to get my head around the science of it. But hey, it's a beautiful day for the solstice : ) Thanks.
Solstice is the time of maximum tilt relative to the Sun so same time everywhere on Earth.

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Solstice Times Throughout The Uk Today

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