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Memories17 | 06:43 Sat 11th Apr 2020 | Science
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The bacterium Bacillus thurengenesis (Bt) produces a toxin that kills insects. A corn plant to which the Bt gene has been added produces this toxin throughout the plant. Research shows that pollen from crops of genetically modified corn plants causes allergic reactions/responses in people living near to the area where these crops are grown. The study shows that these people develop fevers, respiratory problems and skin conditions. Also, antibodies to the Bt toxin can be found in their blood.Some scientists claim the results from this study require further examination. DESCRIBE the steps that occur in the human body that would result in antibodies to the Bt toxin being present in people living close to genetically modified corn crops.

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not to me it isn't
Go on and get 3 marks from your course notes or study notes.
There is no scientific evidence for the claim. Consequently no antibodies would be developed.

The homework question should be stuck down and the teacher investigated for spreading propaganda.
Exam questions state a scenario then ask what would happen given that. It doesn't need to be an actual scenario.

I suggest reading the relevant chapters in the recommended text book.
Well beso, full marks for a first-class non sequitur. Still, a
discussion on immunoglobulins is not really needed here. I remain uncertain why a question needs to be "stuck down", whatever that may mean, bearing in mind that this is not the first time I've seen the question. Propaganda it is not and Old_Geezer's comment shows his perspicacity.

Memories17, I won't answer the question for you but I suggest you start by doing some research on StarLink corn and Monsanto's involvement with it. Research papers have been published regarding Bt and the potential effects on mammals of CRY Proteins but you need to confine your research to that of Bt in humans: Rodent metabolic pathways are slightly different. Try EBSCO, ScienceDirect, NCBI etc

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