Corona Virus Spreading By Other Than Coughing And Touching

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Hymie | 15:01 Sun 29th Mar 2020 | Science
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Given that the virus can infect virtually every cell in the body; no-one appears to have asked the question - can the corona virus be spread by flatulence?

Since a single fart can fill a room - should we be being asked not to fart, as well as regularly washing hands and voiding touching ones face?


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I'm fairly sure this idea is a load of hot air.
perhaps if you wore something like a mask on your bottom? If you go out without one you've already got a fair chace of being arrested.
I haven't had wind of that.
A main factor is whether one is naked when farting. Not many droplets, if any, should escape if you have a couple of layers on.

On the plus side, if you do have the virus you can lose your sense of smell so won't detect the silent ones
Oh it has been asked, don't worry about that.

Just one of the many links here.
Should anyone light up when standing close by .. you could risk causing an explosion !
Before I get in bother for the link, that was simply to show that the question is all over the internet and it is not given as an informative report.
In all seriousness, I suppose it falls under general good hygiene practices.
Blame Trump.
You're allowed to parp if you wash your hands immediately afterward.
‘ The AnswerBank reserves the right to remove answers that are misleading’

Droplet spread...if you produce droplets it's no longer a f @rt
so farting and holding your nose is a double no no then?
If you're emitting droplets as well as wind, you need a toilet, not a mask.
Cue the age-old joke; "Do farts have lumps in them?" "No." "Oh no, I've *** myself."

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Corona Virus Spreading By Other Than Coughing And Touching

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