How To Draw Points Along A Line Which Get Incrementally Wider Apart

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Khandro | 15:49 Thu 02nd Jan 2020 | Science
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Like as if you were to draw a line across a Fibonacci spiral, I once knew how to do this but it seems I have forgotten. I googled the above but to no avail. perhaps I haven't phrased the question properly. Help appreciated.


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Does this help. Scroll down quite a bit to get to it.
Meant to say that I'm not really clear what it is you want to do.
I doubt many are :-)
Interesting link though.
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Sorry, forget Fibonacci; imagine a straight line on which there are a series of points or dots & the space between them increases exponentially & in proportion.
an easy example would be each time it was x 2 so between dot 1 & 2 the space could be say one inch & between 2 & 3, two inches, 3 & 4 four inches & so on.

I have found a crude method by taking two lines which eventually join forming a long v shape, mark equedistant apart dots along one of the lines & join each dot to the other line at 90 degrees. The lines between the two original lines lengthen proportionately. They can then be transferred mechanically by compasses to a new line. It works but it isn't very elegant.

There should be a method of doing it geometrically.

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How To Draw Points Along A Line Which Get Incrementally Wider Apart

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