Antibiotics Are Not Useful For Treating The Common Cold Because

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food4life | 18:47 Tue 11th Jun 2019 | Science
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A. Cold are caused by antibiotics.
B. Antibiotics attack only living things.
C. Bacteria produce many antibiotics.
D. Viruses are caused by bacteria.


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B. (The common cold is caused by a virus, which isn't a living organism)
Help ! This antibiotic is attacking me. Arrhhh !
They come in such pretty boxes.
a)NO...they are caused by viruses.
b)Yes they do.
c)Indeed they do
d) No, not to my knowledge.
The divide between viruses which are normally considered non-living, and living things has become very blurred.

There are giant virus which are as large as a bacteria and include some metabolic pathways normally only found in living things.

Perhaps antibiotics could be developed would work against some of them though nobody would bother.

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Antibiotics Are Not Useful For Treating The Common Cold Because

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