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charlotteduckett | 16:46 Wed 01st May 2019 | Science
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When 400 J of heat is added to 5.6 g of olive oil at 23*C, the temperature increases to 87*C. What is the specific heat of the olive oil?


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Why don't you have a bash at your homework questions yourself and put your working on here by replying to your own posts. That way someone will happily tell you whether you are right or wrong and you will learn something.
A few of us gave you a simple formula last week (but you didn't acknowledge the help so maybe you didn't see it). There is a formula linking energy , mass, temp and specific heat capacity. Look it up in your book or googlespecific heat formula.
You need to acknowledge answers or people will think you are some form of bot
Have you worked thos ine out now charlotte?
^...this one...
When I did A-levels, this would have been classed as "physics lab" question......
I see you are still looking in each day charlotte. Do you want to comment on the help you have been given or need clarification?

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Chemistry Lab Question

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