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Palgrave | 16:37 Fri 19th Apr 2019 | Science
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Trying to help a grandchild with homework, I am stumped by this question. Is it solvable or is there an error involved: 'A rectangle has an area of 25 1/2 cm squared. If the base is 4 1/2 cm, calculate the height.' [I have put squared because I don't where to find on a keyboard a small 2 to put after the cm.]


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5.67cm? Ish
Area of Rectangle = base x height
so 4.5 x ? = 25.5.
so ? = 25.5 / 4.5 = 5.6666... cm (or 5⅔ cm)
Area of rectangle = base x height.

25½ = 4½ x height

height = 25½ ÷ 4½ = 5-and-two-thirds cm
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Thank you
You can type a small 2 for squared (2²) if you do this:
1. press NumLock key (a small light should come on, on the key);
2. press and hold down Alt key and enter this number on the numeric keypad: 253.
3. result: ²
Or use charmap.

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Easter Holiday Homework

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