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charlotteduckett | 04:32 Wed 17th Apr 2019 | Science
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Calculate the hydrogen-ion concentration [H+] for the aqueous solution in which [OH-] is 1 x 10^-3 mol/L. Is this solution acidic, basic, or neutral? Show your work.


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Watch this Start with [H+][OH-] = 1 x10^-14Kw You can now finish it
07:44 Wed 17th Apr 2019
Charlotte ... Do your own work !!
Charlotte you really are going to be in trouble if your teachers see this!
Watch this

Start with
[H+][OH-] = 1 x10^-14Kw
You can now finish it

no come on Charlie
you have to do something yourself

get the p(OH) which is the negative log - it looks like 3
take from 14
you get 11
this is more than 7
and so is alkaline

(1968 this time) really you should be reading your books .....
I clearly passed this exam
well done FF

Hi FF do you realise that my first year at uni 1970 this time
I asked someone about a set book on Contract
and he said yeah - I am on my fifth time thro it!
I got an inkling of what work was really like .....
( he got a first )
and again you have to pay attention to units
which I am sure they do in the viddie
Morning PP, happy days. I remember doing this chemistry stuff at age 14/15 (for specific heat) - actually it was in Physics too- and maybe first year A level for the pH log calculation, but A level was my limit for Chem/Physics.
It's amazing how much we remember though- we must have been taught well because if i have to do a science cover lesson now it all comes back to me and the kids assume I'm a science professor (Some say I do look like Einstein though which helps.)
I did some contract and company law for a year or two after university (where I'd done Maff as you say) but it was a slog-. All I remember now is Donoghue v Stevenson- probably the first one you ever did.

I didn't do a lot of chemistry at my school. As soon as one reached the point where one had to select subjects, limits were unfairly placed. So biology and chemistry had to be dropped, because physics sure wasn't going to be.

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Chemistry Question #2

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