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charlotteduckett | 04:30 Wed 17th Apr 2019 | Science
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A 105 g piece of copper wire is heated and the temperature of the wire changes from 25*C to 91*C. The amount of heat absorbed is 645 cal. What is the specific heat of copper? Show all work, including the equation, and include units.


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It's customary, in Western Society at least, to use a "please" and "thank you" when asking people to do your school / college work for you.
I agree. You will not get very far if you always ask other to do your homework for you. What do you think your teachers will say if they see this?
All that is needed is to substitute your values into the formula and then rearrange to fins M from your Q, M and change in T are more likely to get answers if you show you have at least made some effort
Keyboard went awry there- it should read :
find S from your Q, M and change in T
your are clearly doing a course
and you are on the chapter on specific heats
read it !
thre will be a worked example

here you need to track down on the equation we used ;
it is still there
mstheta - yup em - es - theta
and this is the quantity of heat whcih people say is Q

you have the em - 105
you have the theta 91-25
you have the q 645
there is only one unknown when you plug it in ( s)
specific heat

I have not done units - it looks as tho the question is in CGS and you need to convert to modern units MKS - but you are going to have to do this yourself

yes I last did this in 1965 ( CGS units)

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