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bainbrig | 14:30 Mon 01st Apr 2019 | Science
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Does what?
Question Author
What happened?

My question read...

Does [insert the v on its side with the point to the left]300 mean greater than 300, or less than 300.

Try again (does the symbol mean 'return' in AB-speak)?

When used on AB some of those signs delete what comes after - I don't know the technology behind it.
Question Author
So my one means less than 300, yes?

seems it does.
Yes it means less than.
I think they're used in html commands, mamya - maybe like AB's italics system they lay waste to all around if misused.
Seems so jno.
xy means x is greater than y
Question Author
Mamya. Thanks.

Spath. Are you sure you don't drink?

An occasional swig of plant feed I understand.
Shift key comma < ???
^^^^that is NOT what I typed....thank you AB for confusing things.
< 300
"Spath. Are you sure you don't drink? "

Yep especially not at 2 o clock on a monday.
n˂40 means n is less than 40
y≤400 means y is less than or equal to 400

The confusion can come when an inequality is written as
30˂n˂50 which means n is more than 30 but less than 50

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