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TommyC | 22:46 Fri 22nd Mar 2019 | Science
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I live too many hours in an office, so I know I'm quite badly out of touch - but I've noticed repeatedly over the past 6 or 8 years the sudden appearance of large and very tall metal pillars, usually semi-hidden behind railway station fences, or in fenced-off waste-ground, etc - but in some places in the open, on pavement verges too. These things are rock-solid, simple, completely featureless, polished gun-metal grey vertical pillars, a good bit wider than most lampposts, but with absolutely no cables, lights, fixings, devices, working parts, cameras, or anything else at all - simply a very tall, closed, "silent", anonymous metal pillar. I'm sure the overall height is at least 40 feet - much taller than streetlamps - but as they have absolutely no features at all, I think most people simply don't notice them.

To me the most curious feature is that a long way up - about 12 or 15 feet up - the diameter of the thing suddenly widens by about 3 inches all the way round, remaining that secondary diameter the rest of the way up. But on top there is nothing - no antennae, no dishes or receivers, no aerials of any description, no cameras - simply nothing but a large, dark, shiny, silent metal pillar - doing whatever they do in total silence, 24/7, with, as far as I know, no questions ever asked.

What are they, please ?


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Masts for mobile phones?
Monopole mobile phone masts:
Cleopatra's babees.
It’s MI6 keeping tabs on us all (well, that’s what you WANT to hear, isn’t it).
Tommy; I think they are nothing to worry about, just some simple modern technological item. If you're badly out of touch, are you perhaps giving them too much attention? I wouldn't worry about them. Don't endow them with strange qualities like 'gun-metal', 'silent', 'anonymous' , etc. Best wishes.

UFO tethering/recharging posts.

Possibly ^^^^
Dogs toilets
They're actually for parking your elephant while you nip to the shops.
They seem to really enjoy it.
they make them to look like trees now. We had one of the first ones near us.
Probably Big Brother monitoring you, masquerading as mobile phone masts (the pillars not you, necessarily).

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Purpose Of Metal Pillars...

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