Evolution And Birthing

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nailit | 20:15 Thu 03rd Jan 2019 | Science
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Why do opposed to other animals...seem to have such a difficult time giving birth?
Ive seen various animals giving birth to their offspring while happily eating grass or something.
Cant imagine my sons mother tucking into a Big Mac & fries while trying to force him out through her legs...

Humans are seen to be the pinnacle of evolution in terms of intelligence etc so just why are we so pained by childbirth?



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We know that having 4 kids is a lot. Tolerable in the days of high child mortality, but today all 4 will probably survive into adulthood, doubling the population in a generation. (2 parents shuttle off this mortal coil, 4 offspring remain to be the next parents.)
Atheist - at 20:25 - " unlike you . . . ."

What's that all about?

You know nothing about me.

You trying to score points?
//We can change that in the lab now we are starting to get into gene editing. Only wide hipped females allowed. //

oh dear. that's a bit controversial. females born with x-y chromosomes will naturally have narrow hips and although not born with the box for the foetus to gestate in (a la life of brian), the same lab will soon fix that with a transplanted spare....

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Evolution And Birthing

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