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Hettster | 17:17 Mon 07th Sep 2015 | Science
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Hello if I draw a line 5cm long and it represents 1000mm in length what is the scale /ratio? is it hope that kind of makes sense.

Just to be clear and hopefully not confuse things more. I have taken the length of 4500mm (450cm) and divided by 200

So 4500 ÷ 200 = 22.5

I have then used the 22.5 as cm on a drawing I am doing,

Another example of the same
2500 ÷ 200 = 12.5

The more I write trying to clarify and make sure there is enough information the more confusing it seems to be getting. So I’m going to stop here, and fingers crossed this makes a little sense to someone.

Thank you in anticipation


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5cm is 1:20 of 1000mm(100cm)
17:20 Mon 07th Sep 2015
5cm is 1:20 of 1000mm(100cm)
5/1000 or 1/200 ... ooo I love a good map question
or is sandyroe right?
but the 5cm is 50mm. 50/1000= 1/20
From the first paragraph:

50/1000 or 5/100
How does four replies get submitted in the time it takes me to type one on a mobile ?
misread it ... damn....
or 5%
20 : 1
A lot easier if you use the same units for each side of the equation
> 5 cm is 50mm, 50mm represents 1,000mm . Ratio 1 to 20.

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Help With Scales / Ratios

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