What Is The Fuction Of Lnc Rna?

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crossbones | 02:52 Sat 22nd Aug 2015 | Science
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I want more detailed exlaination than this one( about lnc RNA for my research. Can anyone give me some source?


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Certainly. Tomato or brown?
02:54 Sat 22nd Aug 2015
Certainly. Tomato or brown?
Question Author
Better both. Thanks
jesus wiki has quite a long article on it

so THAT is what all that useless non coding DNA does ....
try a start at Nature ( magazine )
I need more information here. First of all, that link you provided is quite frankly, next to useless.

A quick examination of the Wikipedia article provided by Peter Pedant shows that it is laden with errors, some of them quite basic, some outdated.

In order to help you with an online resource, I need to know a bit more about your academic status, field of study etc simply because this is a complex subject that is best tailored to the needs of the researcher. I wouldn't want to provide you with superfluous stuff that you're unlikely to need.
this is answerbank for chrissakes prof ....

I still think he should read Nature - good for the mind
anyway thanks for the old heave-ho
To be quite frank with you Peter Pedant, the fact that this is The Answerbank is of no relevance at all. I answer questions on predominantly academic subjects but I’ve explained stuff on here and provided opinion to everyone from a school pupil to more than one fellow professor. If someone asks something I know something about, I answer. There’s nothing wrong with anyone of any academic ability posting anything from the simplest to the most complex question on AB and that is its attraction for many.

In the light of this, I think it’s reasonable to require some idea of what the OP understands about a complex subject before answering. If this means that I have to ask the stuff I did in my reply, so be it. It’s certainly not appropriate to knock the way people answer unless they’re offensive or incorrect in their replies.

Just to clarify, my first sentence in my reply above was directed at the OP. It was not a comment on the post by you. The heave-ho was directed at the contents of the link not at you, Peter Pedant.

I was not criticising you Peter Pedant, in providing the Wikipedia link. It would be perfectly reasonable to provide the link because, as is usually the case with Wikipedia articles, it is evident on the first page of virtually every search engine one enters the query on LNC RNA into. However, that precedence doesn’t mean that the article will provide a true, unbiased and up-to-date account of the facts especially since everyone from your average Tom, Dick or Harry to the best academics in the world can edit the article and thus potentially mislead readers unintentionally or otherwise.

In this case, as I said, the Wikipedia article is flawed and I wouldn’t want to mislead the OP by giving it my support. This was no criticism of Peter Pedant.

Nature is an admirable publication but it wouldn’t provide the answer to the OP. I’ve had a brief look at the article and letter indexes back to 1990 and the material concerning this topic would be too specialised for what the OP needs based on my best guestimate of the OP’s ability. Like all technical journals, Nature assumes a certain degree of knowledge before the reader picks the journal up. Nevertheless, I’ll point the OP in the right direction when he or she replies. If all else fails, I’ll explain it myself as I’ve edited and written various publications concerning this very topic.

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What Is The Fuction Of Lnc Rna?

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