Countries With Free Distance Learning Bachelor Degree For Math?

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John124 | 04:32 Sun 14th Jun 2015 | Science
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I have a Bachelor degree in physics with very low GPA, but I like to study math and this time aim to get high GPA. I can't afford university fees or cost of living in abroad. I live in Georgia (a country near Russia) and already used up possibility of financial support for university since I got it for during Bachelor degree in physics.

Would somebody please let me know if there is/are countries that offer Bachelor degree in math esp. with distance learning but for (almost) free tuition? and it doesn't matter how low ranking has that university or where that country is, since I can apply for a better university for Master degree in math after graduation if I get high GPA.


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This is a UK based site
and I dont think there are any - that are recognised

( I applied to do math at Manchester Univ but was too ill to take up the slot )
Despite what others who live abroad may think, the UK is not the Land of Milk and Honey and nothing is free,especially Higher Education. The only suggestion I can give is to apply for a student visa to a country and try and get a job using your physics degree while working your way through college ,easier said than done. Good Luck I hope you succeed.
I do know that what you're trying to achieve cannot be done in the UK, Canada or the USA. I'm not familiar with all European countries, but from the countries I know, I doubt you'll find one in Europe either. You also need to be aware that upgrading to a Masters may not be an option wherever you are unless you put the time, research and money into it.

It would seem the money part would preclude you from the word go. In addition, most western countries have clamped down on universities that offer controversial degrees and standards as they can diminish the validity of degrees from countries with the necessary higher standards. Such a degree will be totally worthless elsewhere.

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Countries With Free Distance Learning Bachelor Degree For Math?

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