Did Man Land On The Moon?

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naomi24 | 11:29 Fri 07th Jun 2013 | Science
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I watched a documentary last night offering some compelling evidence that he did not. However, it occurred to me that the Americans claimed not one manned mission to the moon, but six, so if the first was a hoax they got away with, why would they bother to manufacture five additional hoaxes? Seems to me they’d have been pushing their luck!

(‘Did we land on the moon’ - repeated today – channel 5 – 12.15pm).


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Did Man Land On The Moon?

100% yes.

Watch the Mythbusters episodes. It is excellent and answers pretty much all questions.
I'm 100% believer in global warming/climate change jake not sure what you are on about there.
perhaps climate change is not man made, but a natural cyclical event, the one thing that is clear, is that mankind is reproducing at an alarming rate, that natural resources will get less, we already destroying much needed rain forests, and depleting oceans of edible fish, and animals that once roamed the planet are decreasing rapidly, and in some cases soon to be extinct.
You can't say we are not impacting spectacularly, in many ways that are negative.
Indeed em. Over population is a far greater threat than global warming (aka "climate change") will ever be. But nobody suggests we tackle that (especially in "developing" countries) do they? But we digress !!!
Arguably, the two are linked -- overpopulation leads to the need for more resources, more space, more energy, etc. -- and all of these demands drive Humanity's impact on the planet. And, ultimately, any effects on Climate Change.

So while I do think we're doing our bit to drive Climate Change I suppose it's as much a consequence of overpopulation as anything else. So in that respect I agree with you.
NJ have you read Dan Browne's latest book?
NJ, probably a big factor is infant mortality in poorer countries. Like our Victorian ancestors, people can only feel sure of replacing who is there by breeding more than the bare minimum, to allow for the frequent early deaths. Clearly that and simple ignorance are factors.
Just spotted this thread, I watched an "As live" Sky at Night special a couple of years ago; just watching that would dismiss most of the "theories".
Also, I've been looking for an excuse to post this link:
Conspiracy my @ss!
No woofgang, don't know what it's called.

Sorry Fred, don't go with that one. It's like saying we must have more and more kittens because many of them end up in a sack at the bottom of the canal. Perhaps some of our "overseas aid" could be used to emphasise the stupidity of such a strategy.

But we digress even further !!!
I don't think anyone here seriously believes the moon landings were a hoax do they. I asked for an explanation of the flag thing etc. Jim360 kindly provided a link from good old Wikipedia the gist of which there was no real need to regurgitate here :-)
The bottom line is I think we are all lining up behind the hallowed Prof Cox to land one on the controller of Channel 5. Not the BBC I'm afraid :-)
I think the BBC did actually ask Brian Cox to do a similar programme for Horizon about whether or not we landed in the Moon. The tape he sent showed a picture of the full Moon on a clear night sky, then Brian Cox walked into shot and gazed at the Moon in wonder. Then he turned to the camera, said, "Yes," and walked off again. Roll end credits.

‘Did we land on the moon?’ . . . Lunacy!
Then let me be the first to suggest it NJ.

Meanwhile back to the OP. Obviously they landed on the moon. Does anyone seriously suggest the Russians would collude and let the US take all the glory had it been a fake ?
There should be 'Most Sensible Answer' award - just for you O/G :-)
It would be murder to risk these lives if moon landings were a hoax

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