Watch Out For A Comet Next Autumn

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bibblebub | 09:02 Sun 17th Mar 2013 | Science
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...a second comet - comet ISON - is set to pass between the Earth and Sun in the autumn, and astronomers expect that it will shine brightly enough to be visible even during the day.

You have to bear in mind that predictions of comet brightness are notoriously over-optimistic, but this could be spectacular (fingers crossed).


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Have you spotted this one yet. Might be lucky tonight.. I read about the autumn one earlier be nice if it is in full view.

For casual sky watchers: A growing number of people are reporting that they can see Comet Pan-STARRS with the naked eye. Best estimates place the magnitude of the comet at +0.2, about twice as bright as a 1st magnitude star. As the comet moves away from the sun, its visibility is improving, which means you might be able to see it in the nights ahead. Step outside about an hour after sunset and look west
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no, i'm stuck in a rut of not going out in the evenings, wendilla
LOL I get like that at times with the SS views but some directions I can see it from kitchen window . But it don't seem the same as seeing it from outside.
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and then there's having to find somewhere where the amount of reduction in light pollution makes it worth the effort of getting there

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Watch Out For A Comet Next Autumn

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