Google Earth Capture - any ideas ?

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harley_Husky | 21:01 Mon 02nd Jul 2012 | Science
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Hi All
As per the title - screen capture from the Baja desert. Round marks on the floor.

I'm curious as to what they might be.

Cheers all.

http://i192.photobuck...captureBajadesert.png Media URL:


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When I say in the middle of nowhere, I mean the middle of knowhere. No agriculture, no greenery, nothing. Just sand. I`m going to work tomorrow. I`ll ask the powers that be what they are but I think I`m talking about something completely different - as usual :-)
22:10 Mon 02nd Jul 2012
When I say in the middle of nowhere, I mean the middle of knowhere. No agriculture, no greenery, nothing. Just sand. I`m going to work tomorrow. I`ll ask the powers that be what they are but I think I`m talking about something completely different - as usual :-)
I do not understand why the middle of the Sahara Desert does not fit your description???
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some of them must be enormous !
Timothy Good - UFO Authority

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I like the bit about "qualified observers such a military and civilian pilots". When it comes to seeing UFOs, nobody is qualified are they? I know squillions of civilian pilots but I don`t know any who have seen UFOs. I`m not sure where that person`s research is coming from..
Klaatu barada nikto.
Couldn't you find anywhere in the middle of nowhere then, ABE??

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oh wow - kinda weird. So, are we saying irrigation then ..

Also - i found some military aircraft parked up on the edge of a mountain in Death Valley where they say there are underground bases .... more to follow.!
Harley, why don't you have a look at one in a desert near you? When I first came across these on google earth I assumed that they were plots irrigated using a rotary irrigation system. I don't think they are landing pads for flying saucers.
As others have said. the circles are due to 'centre pivot irrigation' - used extensively in the dryer regions of the US and elsewhere. How they work is explained here...

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Google Earth Capture - any ideas ?

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