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Ronnie_raj | 17:48 Sat 14th May 2005 | Science
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Did NASA ever land on moon or is it a hoax?


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Yes, 6 times,and no. But the hoax theorists have made a boat-load of money from their books on the subject.   

Of course it's a hoax. Look at the moon between your thumb and forefinger. It's tiny - how could anyone land on it?
rojash they used tottie wee astronauts in a tottie wee rocket.
think about the number of people involved, do u really think it would be possible for that many americans to keep quite about something that big for so long, if it were a hoax?
NASA did NOT land on the moon. Wallace and Gromit did to get some cheeeeeeese.
I Don't see what all the fuss is about, Flash Gordon did it years ago.

Rojash and Corbyloon, I'm afraid you're both mistaken, and are probably suffering from the condition known as Fatherdougalmcguire Syndrome.  The moon only appears to be teeny-weeny because it is very very far away.

To explain this a little bit more, walk right up to a cow and see how big it is.  Now walk a long long way away from it and look at it again.  You will notice that it has now gone tiny.  You can repeat this experiment with the moon.  First you need to walk right up to it, and see how big it is, and then...

interesting theory gazzawazza, however I saw a documentary in the early 80s I think which developed on the theory of the moon actually being a button (haven't heard to many people disagreeing with this...), but this doesnt seem to fit in with the fatherdougalmcguire syndrome as when I try it with said button it is already very small, does this mean that your theory is wrong or that I have been deceived all of these years thinking the moon was in fact a button???

Dear god this is  a serious subject and there are all these stupid answers.

We all know that the moon is made of cream cheese anyone landing on it would be sucked right in and "drown" the reason it looks like it does is some one has opened the pot.

If they didn't land on the moon, how do you explain all those moon-men they have locked up in those secret military bunkers at Area-51?

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