What does the Psychology Symbol stand for?

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Lomax_UK | 17:22 Fri 13th May 2005 | Science
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I was looking through some psychology books and noticed the symbol representing psychology.  I tried looking for it on but it did not seem to be on there.  Does anyone know what it stands for?  Its shape is a capital "i" with a kind of mishaped "u" incorporated on it.


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pronounced 'sookey'. Greek for 'soul'
I thought it was spelled Psi and pronounced "sigh".
Am I making this up?
The smbol is the 23rd letter of the Greek alphabet, Psi, pronounced as si (sigh) or psi with little stress on the "p." ab I think yir thinking on "psyche" which is pronounced sykee (sigh-key)
Stevie21 and THECORBYLOO are nearly right.
In modern Greek it;s pronounced psee, and the P part is always sounded. It's the very reason that we spell psychology with a ps at the beginning, as the word derives from Greek.

Classical Greek and NT Greek has a conventional pronoumciation. two actually. for the English

My generation were subjected to the nineteenth century convention ( Headmasters' Conference 1910 I think) and then there was a later one, I think called vox graeca (wocks gray-ka)

Psi was pronounced p-sigh    sigh with a p in front.

The ch in psyche is meant to be like the ch in loch, but I have never heard anyone English do that

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What does the Psychology Symbol stand for?

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