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blackeyed | 21:15 Thu 22nd Mar 2012 | Science
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Is apparition going to be possible in the near future?


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I'm not entirely sure what you mean by this question...

I'm assuming that you mean is it going to be possible to prove the existence of an apparition, ie a ghost. If this is the case then probably not; ghosts don't really exist and if they did, almost by definition it is impossible to capture them on camera, or prove their existence another way.

On the same hand, in some ways, if you mean to create an apparition, then no. This will never be possible.
Oh dear - more ghosts don't exist posts
I presume you refer to teleporting from one place to another as practised by professors and students at Hogwarts.

Speaking as a muggle, I think it extremely unlikely in the near future, if ever.
From a Harry Potter website: Apparition is a magical method of transportation and is basically the magical action of traveling by having the user focus on a desired location in their mind, then disappear from their current location and instantly reappear at the desired location.

Speaking as another muggle, albeit a great Harry Potter fan, I would say it is doubtful.
I think it'll be possible to teleport between pods at some point.
You should definately check for any flies buzzing around in pod1 before activating the teleport though.
Teleporting is a very brave thing to do. You get reduced to atomic particles one end, while someone who thinks they are you, and have your memories, is created at the other. I think I'll travel the old fashioned way.
The problem with teleportation is that the only feasible (though very unlikely)way it could work is for body to be mapped down to atomic level and then constructed elswhere as an identical duplicate (what else) after the information has been sent at light speed. Now there are two of you and the real problems begin.
Surely teleportation as in Star Trek / Harry Potter etc would mean converting matter to energy and back again ? Einsteins famous equation E=MC 2 means that an astounding amount of energy would be created and need to be converted back again into matter. Remember that a nuclear bomb works by converting couple of kilograms of matter into energy. The average body would convert to the energy of at least 10 thermo nuclear bombs !
Teleportation has been successfully carried out using a single photon. - A whole person is probably a few centuries away! (who is going to volunteer?)
You've posted two very similar threads, both with answers, this one and the one on time travel - they are related, no need to post twice?

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