Nerve injuries

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ATB_roo | 19:50 Sat 09th Apr 2011 | Science
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I was wondering how signs of cutaneous nerve injury differ from signs of nerve root injury.

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All I can say I'm glad the dentist pulled most of my nerves from the root sockets in my mouth.
I've no idea, is this homework?
if you look at a standard diagram of a spinal cord and nerve

you will see that a nerve root is either all sensory or motor

and cutaneous is gonna be mixed

or if you dont like that....

nerve roots follow the dermatomes - look at a dermatome diagram a few pages on
whereas named cutaneous nn follow the distribution of the named nerve.

or......nerve root contains info from other sensory inputs - muscle spindles and joint position

where as cutaneous only have sensation, pain, heat etc.

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Nerve injuries

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