Silly riddle

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tombrandy | 17:44 Wed 27th Aug 2008 | Riddles
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7 days in a week,
52 weeks in a year,
wheres the other day gone?


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You are kidding right?

A year is 365.25 days and not exactly 52 weeks.
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i did say it was a silly riddle squarebear.
But now you have given the game away,not many people know the answer. nice one
Sorry I assumed you had posted wanting an answer.
Don't be silly square bear. He was justing posting a question and didn't want an answer.
Hmm.. My mistake. I had assumed that as this was a question and answer site that he had posted this question wanting to know the answer, as with the other 99% of questions here.

Perhaps he should have mentioned in his post that he didn't want any reponses to the question? But then why would he post it in the first place?

Nowt as queer as folk.
Tom, you have put a question mark at the end of the last sentence. That makes it a question, so wanting an answer........ Poor show to criticise Squarebear. What response did you want. "Errrr I dont know"
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Silly riddle

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