Cyrptic Place Names In Northern Ireland

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roses roses | 15:44 Wed 12th Mar 2014 | Riddles
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destroy a tree.
grey scot.
for boating miners.
well centred perhaps one of three


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3 Coalisland
3 Coalisland
Question Author
Coalisland is not right, doesnt fit. Answers are well known towns in northern ireland. Just can't think of answers
Why does it not fit? How many letters in the answer you need?
roses - how do you know it doesn't fit? Are you keeping something back from us, like the number of letters in each answer?
3 Washing Bay?
last one: Middletown (Co. Armagh)??
1 Kilroot??
^ Killroot
what's wrong with coalisland ( apart from being a dump ;o))
Coalisland is bound to be correct.

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Cyrptic Place Names In Northern Ireland

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