Capital and largest city in Georgia

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Roget | 22:33 Sun 06th Mar 2011 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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City and lartgest town in Georgia


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sorry got that one wrong

Tbilisi or Atlanta depending on which Georgia
Is it a city or a town then.
Google will answer it.

If you want to say thanks for any of the answers to your many previous questions did you know you can do this simply by posting a reply to your own question?
Atlanta doesn't fit dotty, roget's said that on yet another thread..............
not sure but it's on my mind
why are there 2 threads about it? Isn't one enough?
there's now 3 - oh maybe he will get suspended - who is going to report this prat
dotty - look at Roget's statistics above
Sorry guys I don't suppose we'll get a thank you again then. Must have finished it completely now.
Actually DTCrossword 5- it's five threads today referring to this clue (well four plus one asking "will someone please answer my earlier question"
I have reported him for spamming - and also that he deserves a suspension for gross rudeness in not saying thank you. Suggest you also send a report in to the Ed

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