MM Links Solutions February 2011 [Week 4]

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crofter | 19:59 Sun 27th Feb 2011 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Lady Alex II (the Leisurely) completed her second reign as the Royal MM Link Setter with an interesting account of Geocaching (of which I knew nothing before yesterday). I had to laugh at Strix’s comment in the preamble ~ and the riposte of Lady Alex! Under the banner of “Growing old disgracefully”, she chose the link words:


Once again, we have a mixed bag of Linkwords, all of which were nailed within the first ten entries, when the clock stood at only 09.03. Having said that, the level of scoring was quite modest across a lively field.



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The game opened with the familiar blue sports car of roslyn251254 to play the SPOIL SPORT for TWO POINTS and get the game off to a brisk start. Shortly after, came lysander (with thoughts of Oliver Mellors?) and claimed another TWO POINTS for GAME KEEPER. Immediately following was Christiana prepared the EAT DIRT for the third set of TWO POINTS. It took only three more contestants until middlestump woke from his BEAUTY SLEEP in time to claim TWO POINTS for the final link.

With all four links gone in quick succession, I was expecting to haemorrhage more points as the clock ticked slowly on. However, only Strix was quick to cash in with Spoil Sport for Two Points. His earlier offer to have his “tail grasped” was declined and his “monkey was duly repulsed”!

With over 30 predictions still to come in, only paulineward, Handbaglady, kettledrum, wickedtongue, seekeerz and cliffyg picked up a single point to their credit. However, towards the close of play, Entrant #37 (deecee131) stood out from the crowd by being the only person to find two of the four linkwords (alas for only Two Points). Congratulations to him!
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The League Table after this final week is:

EIGHT POINTS: roslyn251254
SEVEN POINTS: beejay1124
SIX POINTS: deecee131, lysander, teacher1
FIVE POINTS: patchett
FOUR POINTS: Aquagility, centrino, paulineward, rockfordill, Strix & ulysses100
THREE POINTS: ChrisHewat, Christiana, cliffyg, fordward, gen2, kawakiri, kettledrum & wickedtongue

All month I have been keeping my eye on teacher1, who set off at a gallop by scoring all six of his points in Week[1]. Although his score was eventually overtaken by only a couple of MM ex-Champions, I have no hesitation in nominating teacher1 as worthy successor to Lady Alex, who has done us proud throughout the month of February. Spring is just around the corner and teacher1 represents fresh blood and new life!

I should be grateful for anyone who can facilitate teacher1 and me getting in touch before next weekend.

For the present, this is crofter signing off.

Until we meet up again: HAPPY LINKING!

Well done to the scorers - Nil for me again this week. Thanks to Lady Alex and to crofter........even if he does seem to have lost my points some where along the line. :-)) Think I should have had 6 points crofter.
Wow! I am pleased to head the leaderboard this month, but look forward to the March Links from my good friend teacher1 (alias sillyboy from the Crossword Forum)
Thanks to Crofter & Lady Alex for an entertaining month!
Hello everyone

I hope you have enjoyed the Links this month. I have certainly enjoyed setting them.
Thank you all for competing , congratulations to all the points scorers and good luck to teacher1 with next months Links.
Last, but by no means least, many thanks to crofter without whom this game would not be possible.
Thanks crofter and LadyAlex. A poor month for me - must try harder in March! A nice gentel set of links please, teacher1?
Thanks to you both and congrats to everyone. It makes a change not to be a member of the month's freefall club.
If you knew how much beauty sleep I needed, Crofter, you'd realise what a self-sacrifice was made to obtain those two points!

Thank you - a zilch for me - I would never have got "Eat Dirt"!
Thanks everyone. I can't remember when I last scored 1 point but will try much harder in March !!!
Question Author
Jools, I have you down as having 6 points on my spreadsheet. Unfortunately, my laptop is still acting up following following rain ingress!

A point !! a point !! I actually got onto the scoreboard ... and about time too, I say.

Thank you M'lady for a most informative [!!] month and thanks also to crofter for anchoring the whole thing
Where I got Plan Ahead from I don't know. I had Eat Dirt written on my piece of paper.
Geocaching sounds really interesting and fun. I'd not heard of it either. Something I must look into. Thank you Lady Alex for an interesting month.
No problem crofter - It doesn't make any difference really - just nice to see my name on the board with points, as I don't seem to be doing very well with the KM links. :-)))
Wow! A point! It was just as well that I hadn't seen that Christiana had got there first. Thank you Lady Alex for a very interesting month: I'm another one who'd never heard of geocaching. It sounds like an fascinating hobby for all the family, and a new way to choose where to go for walks. Maybe a GPS device should be my next major expenditure, but would I ever be able to work it?!
Thank you, too, Crofter for keeping the score.

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MM Links Solutions February 2011 [Week 4]

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