MM Links Solutions February 2011 [Week 3]

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crofter | 20:02 Sun 20th Feb 2011 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Lady Alex II (the Leisurely) continued to entertain the MM Linkers whilst still trying to take fairly tight control of the points she awards. However, the pilgrims were still able to extract a total of 25 points, so the exercise was only moderately successful. Based on the theme “Handy or just Crafty”, she chose the link words:

PINE Needle

Not an easy set of links, but I managed to put a block on her proposed “Heckle Pin”, which I deemed was unsuitable for an international field of entrants! Once again, I note that a relative new comer, this time it was NazNomad, went with a ten-lettered prediction in “Hypodermic Needle”, which is just too long to be considered.



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Of the very early birds, only rockfordill (Entrant #5) picked up TWO POINTS with PIN CUSHION. Once we approached Entrant #9, there was a rush on points beginning with the mighty ulysses100, who hit out twice with new links PINE NEEDLE and HOOK WORM for FOUR POINTS.

With three of the four links gone, it was time for the early risers to cash in their Pin Cushions, when fordward, slaney and paulineward each claimed Two Points; whilst centrino opted for Pine Needle for his Two Points. In the midst of this melee came the steadfast patchett, hitting on two of these links for a commendable Four Points. As things worked out, patchett matched the impressive performance of ulysses10 ~ jointly to take the round and hence share the title of HOT SHOTS OF THE WEEK.
*** Let trumpets sound and canons roar ***
*** The peasants cheer and shout “Encore” ***
Question Author
With only one more link word to find, there was a slow trickle of points as beejay1124, jobjockey, gen2, mirandasmum and ChrisHewat (Once again NOT SHAZZA!) each advanced their scores by one more point. I note that seekeerz offered a speculative “Hood Wink” as a link for Hook(?). It took the orchestral kettledrum to come up with the inspired link of SHETLAND WOOL to claim the last TWO POINTS as Entrant #33 and bring the game to a close.

Similar to last week, the order of the day was consolidation as members of the chasing bunch moved ever closer to the leaders. Of these, only beejay1124 nosed ahead, but the lead is such a slender one that next week anything could happen..

The League Table after this third week is:

SEVEN POINTS: beejay1124
SIX POINTS: Jools, roslyn251254 & teacher1
FIVE POINTS: patchett
FOUR POINTS: Aquagility, centrino, deecee131, lysander, rockfordill & ulysses100
THREE POINTS: ChrisHewat, fordward, gen2, kawakiri & paulineward
Ten others have scored Two Points.
Eight others have scored One Point.
Question Author
During this third week, the moves to consolidate continue ~ with no-one really taking the game by the scruff of its neck. I still think that the game is wide open for that inspired individual to shine like a beacon on a dark February night and lead all of Link-Land to a bright new Spring full of golden daffodils and gambolling lambs (pass the sick bucket?).

Could you be that individual? In order to qualify you will need to return next week and take up the challenge of Lady Alex!

For the present, this is crofter signing off.

Until we meet up again: HAPPY LINKING!

Can't believe it!!Joint hot-shot of the week with ulysses10.Thank you crofter,and Lady Alex ll
I calculate that I'm joint 35th - assuming I'm not the only one to score zero up to now :-)

Thanks Crofter and Lady Alex.

Well big fat zero's for us - but then we've been looking after our 2 year old grandson for the weekend........that's our excuse anyway. Well done those who managed a score and thank you crofter and Lady Alex. See you all next week.
Thanks LadyAlex and crofter. I had hoped that with a bit more time on my hands, my brain might go into overdrive, but it was not to be! Well done to all scorers.
sorry, ladyA and crofter, I missed it this week!
Well done everyone and thanks to crofter.

(Still think I should have been allowed Heckle Pin...)
Question Author
Ladyalex, What the Heck(le)!

Heck i didn't get any anyway! I wouldn't have got that either.
Well done to patchett and Ulysses.
Wow! Points for me for a change! Many thanks LadyAlex & Crofter.
'What is a heckle pin?' Well, it's one of the pins in a heckle. Obvious. Don't know why I didn't think of it!
Never fret. Thank you again, Lady Alex and Crofter.
I have only just seen the results and am pleased to see that at last I seem to be on the same wavelength as Lady Alex. Congratulations to patchett too. Thanks to Lady Alex and, as usual to crofter.

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MM Links Solutions February 2011 [Week 3]

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