MM Links Solutions February 2011 [Week 2]

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crofter | 20:00 Sun 13th Feb 2011 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Lady Alex II the Leisurely was able to stem the flow of points by cutting down the number of points awarded by half. However, this is still a healthy total. Based on her experiences of (dis)orientation, she chose the link words:


Before I take on the job of scoring entries, may I first welcome newcomer ljdksa who scored One Point for Middle East. His/her other entries (West Ham, Home Run and Best Behaviour) were all ineligible for being too short or too long. In order to simplify our game, we ALWAYS select words which contain at least four letters and at most eight (see preamble). Furthermore, early hits can score bonus points. Better luck next week!



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Once again, three of Lady Alex’s Links went immediately as the regular set of early birds was waiting to enter the fray. Not surpringly, the sup-ed up engine of the little blue sports car of roslyn251254 had her first on the scene ~ and playing on HOME GROUND she drove off with her TWO POINTS.

Close on her tail came beejay11245 travelling in from the MIDDLE EAST and being anything but SECOND BEST, he went away with FOUR POINTS to produce the top performance of the round. Not for the first time beejay11245 picks up the honour of qualifying as HOT SHOT OF THE WEEK.
*** Let trumpets sound and canons roar ***
*** The peasants cheer and shout “Encore” ***
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With only one more link word to find, the clock were reading 09.02, when of the next dozen entrants only two were able to register one (early) hit for Two Points. They were rockfordill and Jools, each choosing Middle East. That last link went to none other than Strix with WEST MINSTER before the clock closed down the chance of any further bonuses.

Thereafter, points were scored mainly in singles and no fewer than eight players made their presence felt. However, worthy of special mention are regulars, deecee131 and ChrisHewat (Yes, CHRIS ~ not SHAZZA!) who managed double hits for well-deserved Two Points each.
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The League Table after this second week is:

SIX POINTS: beejay11245, Jools, roslyn251254 & teacher1
FOUR POINTS: Aquagility, deecee131 & lysander
THREE POINTS: kawakiri
TWO POINTS: BigMac, centrino, ChrisHewat, cliffyg, Dinkypuzzled, gen2, joto, rockfordill, Strix, tearinghair, wickedtongue & x-ray
Eight others have scored One Point.

During this second week, there has been a degree of consolidation with no fewer than three entrants (all ex-Champions) joining teacher1 on the top of the Leader Board on Six Points. However, there is still time for someone in the chasing pack to turn the tables on these early leaders. How will Week [3] shape up? To find out, you need to return next week and take up the challenge of Lady Alex!

For the present, this is crofter signing off.

Until we meet up again: HAPPY LINKING!

Normal service is resumed - nothing for me!

Well done to the successful entrants.

And thanks, Crofter.
Thanks crofter and Lady Alex. See you all next week.
Thanks crofter & Lady Alex for my points. Sorry crofter my little blue car is just a basic Fiesta (not sup-ed up or sporty!!) It does have a nice numberplate though!
thank you crofter & lady alex
Still no points !!!, but thanks Lady Alex and Crofter
Hmmmm, still nothing - where is my brain ??

Thanks M'Lady and Crofter and well done, all the bright sparks !!
Thanks to everyone for competing .
Well done all the points scorers and thanks also to crofter and the sacred abacus.

See you all again next week for another round.


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MM Links Solutions February 2011 [Week 2]

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