Hamburg-based grunge band taking their name from the German word for blessed

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Roget | 20:19 Sun 06th Feb 2011 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Hanburg-based grunge band taking their name from the Gernab word for blessed


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Music style: Grunge / Rock
Band members: Jan Plewka (vocals), Leo Schmidthals (bass), Christian Neander (guitar), Stephan "Stoppel" Eggert (percussion), Malte Neumann (keyboard)
Name means: "Blessed"
I didn't know you was into grunge, askyourgran. Would you like to give us a few bars?
Oh yes ................!!! (just done the Crossword this morning and Googled it) ha ha
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That's now 99 questions and not a single "Thankyou"/acknowledgement in return for all our answers.
So technical queston for you factor (or anyone else). This poster and the 2 or 3 like them - why do they all have the question in the title and repeated in the text? Is it some automated thing?
Hi prudie- yes, I've asked this before a few times but never got an answer.
drchris, roget, puzzleking123 and cdwrover123 all do this.
Looks like it's actually typed out twice - typo in it second time, but not the first
Well spotted- German and Gerbad. seem obsessed with users who don't acknowledge other users answers

Simple solution to it if it bothers you so much is to not post any answers to their questions

They would soon disappear if they got no answers

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Hamburg-based grunge band taking their name from the German word for blessed

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