place names in song

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granny grump | 19:51 Tue 01st Feb 2011 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Can any one help with these questions please?

25 S?????? O? A?????
31 T?? N???? B??? T? C????
32 T????' ?? A????? B? A? E??????
37 M??????? B???? O? M????????
40. S?? L? P??? D'???????
47. C?????? M??????
49. L????? B????? I? F?????? D???


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32. There'll always be an England.
49 London Bridge is falling down
40 Sur le pont d'Avignon
31. The night boat to Cairo
47 Chelsea Morning
25 sisters of avalon
37 marching bands of manhattan
Regarding number 31, if it's theMadness song I thought it was just called Nightboat to Cairo
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Thank you Dinkypuzzled, patgreg, JMR27, sillysally5 and factor30 - sorry for the delay in responding - the internet just died on me.

Your right factor30 but I can't see what else it can be

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place names in song

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