Sun Tel Maths Puzzle - Tablecloth squaring

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scribbler101 | 18:17 Tue 01st Feb 2011 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Can anyone do this?

12x9 tablecloth has 2x4 triangles cut from diag opp corners leaving 10 top left and bottom right and 5 perpendicular sides, then slants to connect.

With a single cut we are to make a square.

Clue is the area of the odd shape - 100 (12x9-4x2) so 10x10 - but how to do the cut?


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5 perpendicular sides? should be 6 if that's 2 triangles
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ljdksa - The shape has indeed 6 sides - a sort of square cum rhomboid - the horizontal ones 12-2=10 long and the vertical 9-4=5 high, and the angled (4^2+2^2)^0.5 long
Yes I can visualise the shape- it's an irregular hexagon.
Are you allowed to fold the cloth before you make the single cut?
Question Author
Factor30 - Respect! It didn't say you couldn't - and I can imagine that that might provide a solution where none was otherwise possible.

Please solve accordingly within minutes to stop me having a sleepless night tryind to do it in my head!

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Sun Tel Maths Puzzle - Tablecloth squaring

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