Private Eye 433 - Many missing clues in online version

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puzzlesRus | 20:58 Thu 23rd Dec 2010 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Can anyone who has the Eye magazine, provide a scan of the DOWN clues, as most of them have been omitted from the online version ? I appreciate that this request is a bit of a cheek but I thought I would ask (:-))


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I can't scan, but I have the puzzle - tell me which ones you need!
Question Author
Thanks but there are far too many (about 28 !)
I don't mind, I like typing....
Question Author
Well, that's very kind of you - here goes :-

and 76

You'll get writer's cramp (lol)
I'll do it in segments, LOL....

(Folks, this is just for Rus, don't anyone else post the answers yet, please...;-)

PS in 14 you know what the third word I have typed should be.... I fear the censor!!

14, King interrupting - bu$$er! a banger (5)
15 see 63 down
19 Actor Daniel in a tizzy, hugged by Brenda, getting an erection (5,5)
20/39 The Queen familiarly has jack off son swallowing pride ultimately (3,5)
23 Orphan princess penetrated by one (5)
25 Eye never starts to get litigious, follow! (5)
Just for Rus again::::::::

26 case of a *** tangling with Women's Institute leaders? (7)
27 Royal Charles's nemesis? Topping bloke! (11)
29 Confrontation with which heavily made-up woman ends her day? (4-3)
30 Second sh!t on getting up - sorry about that (4)
35 Heroin-injected Nero pissed in river (5)
38 Rose's introduction for breast enlarger (7)
40 Senior castrater not good (5)
and more clues for Rus.............

41 Pace not for men with little tiddlers (7,3)
43 In a stiff state, rising after male copper? (5)
44 Charles's historic "woody" concealer? (3,4)
46 Chancellor no longer gets DCM? Sh!t! (7)
50 Very old French king eats her out - gross! (5,7)
51 Inch Native American added to penis initially (5)
52 Showing more flesh than necessary can ruin a picture (12)
..and the last batch of clues for Rus...

58 Randy Putin, rear "drilled" (not advanced) (8)
61 Cyclops and his ilk, name plastered on tit, investigated (4,4)
63/15 Our editor and publisher abandoning Archer's launch (3,8)
66 Police beat up sadist and throw away key (5)
67 Booze up, endless dick and Brenda (5)
68 Fancy bra with line leading to mound (6)
70 Pee, pee inside, get it all over the place (6)
71 Cripes! Boris's ultimate English birds (5)
73 From whom you might well get bull sh!t op. exercise (4)
76 One near to the PM offering p*sspoor idea ?(4)

Good luck!

and 76
Question Author
That's absolutely brilliant ! Thanks a lot. I hope you win the prize.
I will certainly have a go!!

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Private Eye 433 - Many missing clues in online version

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