please help me write a quiz for special needs kids in out village

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meridian | 23:53 Tue 07th Dec 2010 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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hiya im hoping to keep some special needs kids in our village entertained on xmas eve so i had a thought that i could write a quiz for them that involved choclate
for example
go to the plough (thats the local pub) and ask for a planet behind the counter, answer would be a mars bar
now in our village we have a place that sells fruit and veg, so it would need to be something with chocky in it and was easy again there special needs kids
we have a place that sells crystals, tarot cards
we have a place that sells potatos,
we have a old school teacher that every kid knows her name is dot surname craven i thought about the milk but thats not choc

we have a church
a telephone, some adult could be there to help the kids
a bus shelter, again a adult could be there
as u can see we dont have a lot were we live, but we have a lot of special needs kids
some have dyslexia, some adhd, and some have torrettes, some have autism, so it has to be easy any help greatfully recieved
thank u so much in advanced


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Fruit & Veg / Chocolate Orange
Be quiet in Church / Wispa

Good Luck meridian, a very worthy cause.
Bus Shelter / Double Decker
Good luck with the quiz meridian a great idea for the children.

How about Milky Bar for Miss Craven
Chocolate Coins for the Telephone Box (loads about at Christmas time)
Question Author
Thank u very much for the ideas im sure the kids will love it
Thanks meridian, here's a couple more . . . .

Clever school kids / Smarties
Tarot card shop / Black Magic

What other shops are in the village? This would give us a few more ideas. Regards, ja
Question Author
unfortunatly there ah no shops here, just a pub a farm shop, a place that produces potatoes, a school, and that is that
but love ur ideas im sure the kids will love it thank u
Dairy Milk choc from the farm shop?
Potatoes == Chocolate chips
(Cadburys) Heros at the war memorial?
Milky Way the cows may walk along?
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could you put a ladder in a well seen place with someone there = curly whirly (looks like a ladder)

Clothes shop = chocolate buttons

Garage = wagon wheel
Don't know if it's any help but here is a quiz about chocloate and sweets. You may be able to adapt some of it:
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please help me write a quiz for special needs kids in out village

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