Musical Christian Names

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patchett | 09:22 Sat 09th Oct 2010 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Please can any one give me a clue for my last one?Its a song title that contains a name.

26)S M M (5,5,6)

Many thanks


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Whoops! - I read that wrong sorreee, I thought you said 'Christmas' names. Doh!

Question Author
Never mind jem.Looked through all titles beginning Santa but no luck.It'll come to me(I hope)
If I've got the right song, think 'selling cockles and mussels'
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Thank you JUNKMAN you sure have the right song.Would you believe,not in the lists I've been trawling through.Thats life I suppose
Can I redeem myself?

Cracklin Rosie Niel Diamond
I'm Mandy 10 CC
Gigi Loui Jordan
Delilah Tom Jones
Diana Paul Anka
Jenifer Jupita The Beatles.

That's brill jem :-) but the titles have to start with the letters SMM for this question.... as per OP.
You could however start a thread on "songs with first names in them...." - I'd join in.
Question Author
Thank you again jem.Got it from Junkman's clue.

I'll join in Boxtops!!:))

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Musical Christian Names

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