Answers are all places-countries,Towns,Rivers,Landmarks etc

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trevorjones | 13:10 Sun 04th Jul 2010 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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4,Sounds like an old codger,found near some polyhedrons (4)
11, Entrance after a few lefts for island city (10)
2, Body of water named for Narnian? (7,3)
19, Venue for Germany,s sand castle building championship (6)
20, Risk my tenor playing Gothic structure (4,7)
21, The Dada movement began here during world war 1 (6)
Thanks again for any help


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21 Zürich
21. Zurich
19 Xanten
2 Caspian Sea
20 York Minster - anag 'risk my tenor'
20 York minster (anag risk my tenor)
Good afternoon , your maj. Long time no see.
Hope all is well with you and yours.
4. Gaza
My Typo GIZA
20 York Minster
4) Giza
11) Portsmouth
2) Caspian Sea
20)York Minister

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Answers are all places-countries,Towns,Rivers,Landmarks etc

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