Financial Times 13,415 Saturday June 19th 2010

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classicalgal | 14:16 Fri 25th Jun 2010 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Have found a number of clues in this puzzle obscure (compiler VIKING) and some of the answers very American e.g. 24a (ACCLIMATE) and am asking for help with last 5

18a Understands what is appropriate in speech (4) ?E?S Think it is KENS but what has that to do with "appropriate in speech"

23a Detective's question linked to drug offence (5) ????E possible CRIME or LAPSE . Drug might be E but CRIM/LAPS for detective's question?

26a With a lot of old money going about, shop gets advice (9) ????E?I?E

21d Soldier involved in kills taken up a peg? (6) ?????T

22d In glittery costume, covering extremities, like a knight? (6) ?????E

Can anyone help please?

Many thanks



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18a gets ?
Question Author
Thanks for answer Oldred. How does that answer second part of clue?
21d spigot - gi in tops reversed
if you appropriate something you take (get) it
26a Guideline...guine(a) around deli
23a pique ? pi + qu + e ?
23a Pique...PI (private investigator) + qu(estion) + E
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Thank you Oldred(again), JMR27 and bibblebub. I would never have thought of 'tops' for 'kills' but this compiler uses a lot of slang.

The last clue is now ?Q?I?E which doesn't leave many options. I might guess SQUIRE with SEQUIN as glittery costume but anagram doesn't work.
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Thanks bibblebub!

Thank you also to all those on this thread.

You've made an exasperated woman very happy.

i wish i'd heard that more often in my life

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Financial Times 13,415 Saturday June 19th 2010

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