Dragonfly 5!!!

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paulineward | 20:20 Fri 11th Jun 2010 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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There was a lady from Stockport
Who said it is just as I thought...
No Dragonfly Five?
How can they survive
So I must make sure it is bought!


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P for PAIRS” (The Fifth Dragonfly Quiz)

Consider the following cryptic clues ~ all answers begin with the letter “P”

1. Mythical representation of a horsefly? (7)
2. Duck! The monarch is led by exercise (6)
3. In good spirits after visiting each bluegrass state (5)
4. Flower which should be gathered by collies reportedly (5)
5. This little finger is slightly to the left? (5)
6. Unusual place to find a fitchet (7)
7. Senior academics destined to lose their faculties upon retirement (9)

The first is a proper name, the next is a city (original name), the fourth is a plant, the sixth is a creature and the last follow an occupation. The remaining two form a natural pair.

Interested? There are 100 similar clues in the Fifth Dragonfly Quiz, which contains cryptic clues to 50 words (these forming 25 natural pairs) and 50 words starting with the letter “P” (with five themed groups of 10 of the type indicated by the clues above).

Copies of the new Quiz can be obtained from the organiser: Mrs Pauline Ward, 9 Hassop Road, Reddish, Stockport, Cheshire, SK5 6ST. Entry is £1 and any cheques should be made payable to “Stockport NHS Foundation Trust (Dragonfly Team)” which will support the work of a local Children’s Hospice visiting children who are spending their last days in the bosom of their family.

Don’t forget to enclose a stamped addressed envelope and please make sure it carries the correct postage. Remember that there is a surcharge of £1 imposed by Royal Mail on all letters with insufficient postage.
Question Author
You will have until the beginning of September 2010 to submit your answers and £50 has been allocated for prizes ~ including a prize for an entrant obtaining the average score and another prize for an entrant scoring below the average!

Once again, the Questions have been set by Krophta (aka crofter).

1. PEGASUS The winged horse of Greek Mythology
2. PEKING Monarch (KING) following exercise (PE) = Old name for BEIJING
3. PERKY Each (PER) + Kentucky (KY)
4. PHLOX Sounds like FLOCKS; also collies = sheepdogs
5. PINKY Someone with leftwing political tendencies
6. POLECAT Anagram of PLACE TO; also known as a “fitchet”
7. PROFESSORS Academics ~ each heading a FACULTY of Study

The PAIR is, of course, PINKY & PERKY
Question Author
There has been lots of positive feedback on this quiz...and many, many thanks for the support so far.
I had a call from the Unit this afternoon, and they cannot believe the support so far, and have already planned a canal boat trip in August for some severely sick children as a treat...thanks to all of you. You really are stars.

Again my sincere thanks to Crofter for his efforts for these sick children. He has worked so hard to give pleasure with his quizzes and also to help these children enjoy what little time some of them have left. Also giving some respite to children whose lives are normally restricted due to severe medical conditions.

You really are all making a difference.
am half way with it keep picking it up and adding another answer
would really recomend it to any one who is thinking of buying it
do send Pauline the cash as she says it is such a good cause
Question Author
Thanks Jan...
Keep going with it!
Its a fab quiz and am sure I will get there in the end, I too keep going back to it. Keep up the good work.
This is the first time I have attempted the Dragonfly quiz and I am really enjoying it,certainly makes the "Little grey cells" work.
Question Author
Thank You everyone...sincerely.
Question Author
owllady...if, when you have finished this one of would like a go at previous ones, feel free to e-mail me on

[email protected]
Am enjoying this, my first thought was that it was more difficult than the other dragonflies, but it isnt once you get going - a good mix of clues, and having the pairs theme helps you .. Thanks Pauline & Crofter

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Dragonfly 5!!!

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