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LottieAnne | 20:35 Wed 09th Jun 2010 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Can anyone please help me finish this crossword?
18ac Most of the best lines redesigned, after wearing out (10) - - - - - s - b - e
21ac I can afford a dog - possibly I'd given in after pressure (8) Last letter 'r'
26ac Has a drink, back penning popular type of column (6)
14d Goddess almost slipped in soft snow, joint twisted both ways (6-3) 1st letter 's' last letteer 't'
22d Get ready for easy pickings (5) - - - - n
23d Research about origin of violence - cut it out! (5) - - - - e
Many thanks


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26a. gossip?
26a spinal
22d Ripen
23d Revue
21a provider
18a Ostensible ?
18a ostensible ?
Question Author
Thank you everyone. Spinal and ripen fit together both using the 'p', This makes 23d - - l - e which means it can't be revue, 21 ac now has 'r' as the 2nd letter
23d delve = v (origin of violence) inside dele (delete)
Question Author
Either I didn't scroll down far enough or your answers came in while I was typing. I had thought of ostensible but it will not fit with 2d for which I have only been able to find a word ending in 'n' making that the 2nd letter of 18ac.
2d Cause of differences within families, for example (9) e - o - u - i - - . I had put evolution but maybe someone could suggest a better word ending with 's'.
Thanks for all your help.
18a insensible [out, as in unconscious)
anagram of bes(t) + lines
preceded by in (wearing)

goddess almost = VENU(s)
soft snow = SLEET

SLEE venu T
Question Author
Thank you very much. You are all brilliant! It is now complete

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