oh boy quiz

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smurf | 14:48 Fri 21st May 2010 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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all answers are boys names
15 dog comes back with cuppa(6)
17 tracy was spotted (4)
20 a coil from the eastern bloc(4)
22 did something bad the wrong way (6)
23 oh by gosh you are(6)
28 potters frog (6)
30 a cutting type(7)
thanks for any help


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do these questions have a theme?
22. Dennis
sorry, need new glasses!
so does smurf no.20 is a coin from the eastern bloc not coil
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its the sun its got to me
15 Trevor
28. Jeremy
23 George?
30 Stanley
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thanks to everyone you are so clever
20 Mark?
23 Joshua (oh by gosh you are) - old music hall song

Any clues for
7 Botox could do this (6)
8 Cassius' look (8)
32 A bird with a young cat 5)


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oh boy quiz

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