billerical lions around the world in 80 songs

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smurf | 13:13 Tue 11th May 2010 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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all answers are songs and their singers with a place name in it all vowels given, am now stuck on some
1 -o--o/-e-o-- by -e--u-/-a--a-ia/o---e---a
11 -a--e-o-a by --e--ie-e--u--/a--/-o---e--a-/-a-a--e
12 -a--a-o- by ---i-a---/--o-i-a-
29 --a--o-/-'a-ou- by -a--a--a-/--a---e-
32 -i-o-e- by -a--/-e--e-
still need a few more buy will keep struggling but thanks for any help


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12. Barbados by Typically Tropical
11. Barcelona by Freddie Mercury and Monserrat Caballe

If you post again, could you use ? for missing letters as they are easier to count than -
well....they are to my tired old eyes anyway :-)
29. Chanson D'Amour by Manhattan Transfer
32. Wimoweh by Karl DENVER ?
Question Author
thanks for answers will remember if i post again as i know what you mean about tired old eyes anything to make life easier
1 ends with Orchestra by the looks of things
1. Tokyo Melody by Helmut Zacharius Orchestra
Odd how you keep "struggling" with higher prize quizzes - or rather how you let other people struggle for you!

Very "do-able" quiz with a little effort and six weeks to go! - such pressure!
Question Author
higher prize quizzes or ones with no prizes it doesn't matter i have only ever won one and that was an Easter egg and it was appreciated just as much. i only do them for the fun and the charity gets the money either way, and its nice to think that there are people out there willing to help however long there is to go, it is an answer forum after all.and nobody has to answer unless they want to, also i an always willing to help anyone else.
The annoying bit is that you wont really struggle on you will wait a few days then ask a few more then a few more
One day someone will explain what fun they are getting if they are getting most of the answers off here why not send it in get the answers and you will learn how each setter thinks. The first rainbow I sent in I did about 15
I have to agree with some of the comments. This is a lovely quiz and the answers are not that difficult to find. I got great satisfaction from completing it within five days
and I have to admit that I'm not particularly great at solving quizzes. Please don't ask for too many answers - it's such a shame to spoil it for those who enjoy the challenge.
Question Author
ok so maybe i wont put any more questions in i will do what everyone else is obviously doing and copying everybody else which is what you all seem to do because if you didn't you wouldn't bother to even look at the questions, as i always put the title but of course you will tell me that you don't but this argument could go on forever. idont mean to upset anyone i only try to help. but it always seems to be me what about the others who post on the same quiz
Well said smurf If people dont want to answer they dont have to look at the questions Will see you later on my way to doctors
only maybe lol
easy to see you know so am sure that wont last
It's not about others who post regarding a particular quiz, it is about the same people who do the same thing on almost EVERY quiz.

Five questions one day, three the next, two or three a few days later - why not just post the lot at once as it will save time and not fool so many good natured "helpers"

You are now known on other forums as "the blue one" so it appears other quizzers have noticed too. There are others too so you don't have to feel lonely.
Smurf - Ignore the trolls. Feel free to ask ANYTHING here.
Question Author
oh my goodness i have never been famous before, what other forums , i would love to know so i can have a look
lol smurf
don't listen to the moaners, you're right - no-onre has to look.
And as one of what Quizmaster calls 'helpers' I never feel 'fooled', i enjoy answering questions ans will continue to answer any that I can whenever I wish for whoever I want :-)
Gosh Smurf Fame at last!!!!

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billerical lions around the world in 80 songs

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