heage mixed bag

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smurf | 13:52 Fri 07th May 2010 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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hi its me again is any one doing this quiz
its all pictures so cant put clues am totally stuck on the logos have got nos 1,2,4, poss 6 , 7, 12, 17 19 , 20, 22, 23, , 24 , 25 , 27, 28, so if anyone could help out with clues for any of the others i would be most grateful. and if you need any of the ones i have got i would be most willing to help


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11. film company,what the man is looking through company (thank you thank you)
21, pasty maker
any help with 4,7,
Thanks for clues 4) Large aeroplane
7) Think Boilers Hope this helps
thank you very much
OK Smurf, please help others (me!) by giving clues to the ones you have possibly got, especially 6, 7 & 12

18 A charity sharing Princess Anne's official title
30 A body of doctors worldwide

What about faces 37, 48, 50,and 58? Any clues for them
Looks like smurf is not coming back today Ill try to help. I dont know the faces ----------6) Old name of jukebox -----7) Think Boilers-----12) Security in my laptop----- Hope this helps
18 RSPCA (if I give any further explanation it might cause offence).
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sorry i didnt get back to you thanks owllady for helping with clues

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heage mixed bag

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