MM Links Solutions May 2010 [Week 1]

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crofter | 18:59 Sun 02nd May 2010 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Well, Sir Robin of Linksley attracted a record field ~ all trying their skill to score a bull’s eye with longbow and arrow. Duly disguised in Lincoln green, his “Merry Men” drew links of:

Scarlet WOMAN

For the first time in a long while, nearly 50 entrants accepted Sir Robin’s challenge ~ and he proved to be generous in his distribution of points among the peasants of Merrie Olde Linkland! Among them were newcomers “owllady” and “Handbaglady” to whom we bid a warm “Welcome”! Your respective avatars do you credit.



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Opening business was brisk, with almost 20 sets of predictions lodged within a two-minute period (all seeking reward for cornering Sir Robin). First came supercharged roslyn to land a JOHN DORY for TWO POINTS. Entrant #3 was SCARLET WOMAN (patchett) shamelessly demanding her TWO POINTS. The third linkword to go went to lysander, who exercised a great deal of WILL POWER when claiming her JOHN DORY for FOUR POINTS (a superb performance).

With three links identified (and entries pouring in) it is not surprising that Two Points were also picked up by beejay, seekeerz, caslass (John Dory); Strix, ulysses, gen2, centrino (Scarlet Woman); Christiana and pauline (Will Power). This points-fest was also enjoyed by slaney (for Four Points) and deecee131, who included in HIS double whammy the remaining link word, LITTLE FINGER for FOUR POINTS.

With three entrants on Four Points, I feel that deecee131 just shades it for the esteemed title of HOT SHOT OF THE WEEK ~ as his entry identified the final linkword.
*** Let trumpets sound and canons roar ***
*** The crowds go wild and yell “Eeyore”! ***
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Once the cut-off point came at 09.04am, hits became worth only one point and over a dozen contestants qualified for a single point. Worthy of mention in despatches however was double hitter, cliffyg.

The League Table after this first week is:

FOUR POINTS: deecee131, lysander & slaney
TWO POINTS: beejay1124, caslass, centrino, Christiana, cliffyg, gen2, patchett, pauline, roslyn, seekeerz, Strix & ulysses
Thirteen others are One Point.

With almost 50 points allocated across nearly 50 entrants, the Sacred Abacus has been sorely tested. Will Sir Robin be as generous in the future? Only time will tell!

For now, this is crofter signing off!
See you all next week: Same time ~ Same place

Until then: HAPPY LINKING!

Question Author
In my search for a suitable avatar for myself, I came across <x-ray "tux mini">.

See what you think of it, x-ray!
Thanks crofter - I will keep on trying!
Thank you Crofter and Aquagility - I hope to do better next week.

Well done deecee131, lysander & slaney

I think I may enlist my wife's help in the future if this week is anything to go by - she guessed 2 of the links (but didn't enter).
Re. Crofter's link for x-ray.

a) It doesn't work
b) Who gave you permission to x-ray me without my knowledge?

Here is the active link:
deecee at least you have some spare time due to the weather
jess has her picture on line so my luck must change
Congratulations deecee131, lysander & slaney, and all the points scorers. And thank you, crofter, for holding the hand of this novice archer - or should that be bowman?
See you all next Saturday.
Thank you crofter and thank you Aq.

I am grateful and very relieved to get my two points for having rushed in with Scarlet Woman for, after having done so, I was convinced you would have chosen Scarlet Letter.
Only one correct here
Must do better next week
Well done to all points scorers and thanks to Sir Rob and crofter. I've started the way I finished last month.... some day my points will come (to paraphrase a well-known song; I've already given up on the Prince!)
Surprise, surprise. I have just heard from cliffyg (now with picture of his 'Jess'), that crofter had selected me as 'Hotshot of the Week'. Very many thanks to him and also to Aquagility for his word selections. Having been there as the 'Don', I know how hard it is to find a testing set of words for you all to consider.
As cliffyg says, with the wet weather we have had last night and today, I had a rest day from cricket umpiring, but the forecast for tomorrow (if you believe it) is for fine weather. If that is so I will be able to raise my finger to give some young cricketers out before I raise a glass and wish you all a 'Happy Bank Holiday'.
non for me
many thanks aq and crofter
will try harder next week
Well done all the point scorers this week, although none for me.

Thank you Sir Robin plus crofter and his trusty abacus

For crofter how about:

It is the last photo on the page!!
Question Author
twix123 ~ I think not!

Although, I have been known on hot Summer days to be found fast asleep, spreadeagled on the lawn!
Well done deecee...and everyone else!
Thanks to Crofter and Sir Robin.
Well done everyone but please how do I get my pic instead of a name?? Tried to follow AB instructions but it didn't work !!! OK Crofter bet you aren't surprised !!!!
I thought that I had 2 points with John dory and Scarlet woman
at least that is what I jotted down after entering ??
does the abacus need some WD40 ?

Kay, check that you are using the same email address that you have in your AB profile. Many users have changed their ISP's since registering with AB and have since found that they can't get their avatars to work.

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MM Links Solutions May 2010 [Week 1]

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