MM Links Solutions April 2010 [Week 4]

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crofter | 19:00 Sun 25th Apr 2010 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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For this final week, “Lady Jan” did “Spring into Action” and chose as her link words:

Hanging AROUND
Basket BALL

On the down side, points proved as rare as Rocking Horse droppings! On the up side, Jan’s heroic session of planting prompted me to get some bedding plants in! Now all I need is some decent weather.



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Thanks Jan and Crofter.
Nice to be a winner once again!
I look foward to Aquagility's challenges for us....I might be a little busy myself over the next couple of avatar might give it is on it's way! :-))
Oh well done Pauline! But if the Dragonfly quizzes you so kindly sent me are anything to go by, we have been spared a very difficult task; the combination of you and crofter is a daunting one!
No points for me this month - I couldn't get on Jan's wavelength at all. Let's see what Aquagility can come up with - a life on the ocean wave?
Thanks Jan and crofter for this month.
Well done Aq, and Pauline and everyone else who made it on to the League Table.
I suspect (and hope) there may be just one or two nautical links!

Thanks to Jan for a month which fooled me completely, and to crofter for his evergreen abacus.
Thanks Lady Jan and Crofter for an interesting month, although with one correct answer I managed to miss the freefall club this month!

Rockfordill, you need to use the same email address on as your address on AB, If you've changed email addresses since singing up to AB then you will get problems.
Congratulations and thanks all round - I don't think I managed a point, perhaps it'll improve next month [ Aq, I'm not worried about HAIR, just don't take any tips from Strix]
Strix, now I see how it is that you can sense the meerest wriggle of the tail of the little mouse in the long grass far below you.
Thank you Jan and Crofter for an entertaining if pointless (I think) month.
Congratulations to all those who did well.
To think I showed such early promise when I started to post on MM links. C'est la vie.
To avoid any confusion, I've just realised that I should have said "pointless for me" :-)
just checking to see if i've successfully changed my avatar
that would be no, then
Rubbish again this week.

Congrats to Aquagility....looking forward to next month!

Thanks to Lady Jan and to crofter.
middlestump, I see a picture of a middle stump..... shout at me if you've heard this before, but have you pressed Ctrl + F5? That usually shows the changes.

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MM Links Solutions April 2010 [Week 4]

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